Saturday, March 20, 2010


Okay, sekarang rasa gatal nak wat post dalam bahasa omputih plak...

Today are not my first day working at that place (kalau salah eja jadi palace). But I fell really excited and happy. Not too busy la today, but really tired. At the same time i'm still happy...
What make me happy?? The Chinese guy name Jack (really cute okay), he just ask for my help then he said to me...

" thank you laling, i love you... muah ( with a flying kiss) "

But suddenly he notice that Apil is next to me... He then said,

" Oh alamak, tak leh, tak leh... nanti Apil marah... "

Whatever la Jack, you just talk by yourself... But you are so cute you know.


Plus, I love to story about the attention seeker. A girl, suddenly ask me,

" Tau tak apa hubungan kita dengan ***?? "

Then I ask back.

" hubungan apa? (semacam ja soalan) "

" Yelah, cousin ke? apa ke? "

" cousin ke? "

" Kitorang cousin. Dan couple, tapi dia tak kasi panggil sayang kat sini. Dia malu. Kita tak suka kawan dengan lelaki, dengan perempuan lagi best. Tapi bukan lesbian, kita suka macam *** tu, perempuan tak sedar diri. Tapi kau tak payah risau, kita takkan suka kau punya. "

What the ....
Who do you think you are. Really proud to be like that? For me, both of them are 'perempuan tak sedar diri' because of them are 'perempuan lanjut usia' at the stage of knowing themself. Whatever lah Old Lady, both of you are messy!! How to act like I'm not standing on their side? Aku tak nak bersubahat...
I don't want to talk about that too much just to give some advise to all people out there, don't you think the person looks like doesn't care like me love to hear the thing like that. And don't you think you are good, hot, great, and etc... I'm a little bit open minded but that doesn't mean I'm love to meet the attention seeker...


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