Monday, December 26, 2011

13.12.11 ~ cofession

it's been a long times since my last update.

not because i have no idea, but i'm too busy with something i'm not sure. maybe more to stalk someone.

the story is on beautiful date, 13 12 11.... i have no intention on this date. It so suddenly being crazy.

I admit to that young boy i like him.

I was so nervous, that was my first time confess to a guy. and shame....

But he is good guy, i felt warm & comfort after that... such a release of a burden.

that night to a few days after, my eye being such easy to cry...

It so sad to know the truth that he is belong to others.

I'm okay now. But its not going to be easy to find a good guy like him & to forget him either.

Wish that we still can be a good friend.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 FRIDAY

Today is the last day Firdaus at AIA. Hope everything goes fine there. Thanks for everything in such a 'great less than 2 months' with you & handle dell together, angkut my CPU, sharing email, kept company me jalan balik kerja last friday, ticket train & many more that i might left behind :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Gloomy Day

Hari ini rasa sangat sedih dan kesunyian. Tahap kesihatan tak berapa baik, dah dua report hantar kat Mak. Tapi tak balas pon mesej ke... call ke... Hati rasa sedih, bagai tak dipeduli.

Sudah lah raya kali ini paling tak seronok sepanjang hidup aku ni. Mungkin aku terlalu berharap raya ini sempurna, padahal.......... Bila berlaku tak seperti yang kita rancang, hati lagi pedih. Lebih baik tak berharap apa-apa.

Aku merungut?? Tak, cuma meluah rasa. Tak ada orang atau peduli hati kecil aku ni.

Tapi mungkin kot Mak sibuk.

Perlu ke aku bagi tau kepada yang berkenaan raya aku tak seronok sebab perangai dia tu?? Atau perlukah aku terus maafkan dia?

Aku boleh, kalau hati aku ni tak suram macam ni.

Sebelum Syawal habis, aku harap aku dapat rasai lagi raya yang seronok.... Amin

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i'm not superwoman

Am I looks like superwoman?? hehe.. I like blocking colour but i'm not aware of this superman shirt colour till i look at my photo back. Shame on me.

Long time i left this blog without new post. So, why not this time.


I fall in love. to a boy. that belong to other. younger than me. which i expect he might be a type of 'playboy'. just because i think he is adorable. which the one that i want. that i think he know. but i never tell. he look good with her. which kept me jealous. i want to cry. i remember him. almost all time. dear Allah, help me. to forget him. if he doesn't belong to me. tell me. that he such a good person. that i ever known. so i know. there is more man out there. are good. like him. which meant to be mine.

:) thanks to hear

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



It has been a month i haven't update my blog. So, to update my recent activity, I post this... which an accessory that i excited to have and share at the same time with you guys.

Its owl, which i'm a little bit crazy of it since i got an owl key chain from my sister. Which she bought at Sabah.

Its cute isn't it? hehehe. I was thinking of having an accessories, which i'm not really care before. So wait for the next!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

unemployed + lonely = DownDownDown

Today is the 15th days i have been unemployed. And my motivation is really-really down. Feeling lonely, left alone in house everyday... No one to talk... its driving me insane, totally... I dont know whether i could stand with this for how long.

There has one boy, i really attracted to him. He is younger than me. But i like him in the way he is. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend.. much better in all way than me. He can make me calm and smile... and support me to get a new job.

But recently, he looks like to ignored me. It make me sad, and if i could... i really want to tell him that i miss him so much. But... did he care??

I think, until next week still haven't get any job offer, i would like to travel... Back to Malacca, join Tunas Mekar... Never back home before i success. Pray for me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

moving to my new (rent) house

Last two days actually, we were moving to our new house. Very nice house, i love it actually but its still messy with our unmanaged stuff. We sign tenant agreement at (less or more) 7.00p.m and mop the floor and etc at 8.30p.m

Transfer our stuff then, it finish at 12.00a.m. I take a bath at 1.00a.m.

Introducing my new house

Tara tat tara....

Our house owner really loves that flowery...

Kiblat sign

before moping

Oh, we are not having our dinner yet actually. So tired and so hungry!! Having out late dinner at 1.30a.m.

WHAT?? 1.30a.m??? Not good to my diet, its ruin everything!!

What we ate? Hm...

Lets see...

1 large manggo juice, 1 large apple juice and watermellon juice (too big)
(i don't know how to rotate picture, i'll do that when i know, huhu)

Sweet like apple is me, sour like manggo is her (too greedy)

Kerabu mangga (not really good like mine)

Sweet sour beef (not really good like fish)

Puyuh goreng kunyit (i like it but a little bit oily)

Tom yum Ayam (too many onion)

rice (too...... ??)


Me (too fussy)

That too many for late dinner, we would not be able to finish it. Plus the our juice is too LARGE glass and i'm on diet.


Guess what, WE FINISH IT.....!!!!! That all dish has be eaten by three person only!! HoHoHo.. Till the last drop!!!

We take our time to go home becauso too full to walk.

At home!!!

Sleep~~ good enough to make me bigger!!

and i'm really sleepy at the office then

last but not least

My autograph....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i wish to have this


CANON Rebel XS, my dream camera at this moment.. Love it!!!

Oh, i love picture a lot. There are many thing i wish in this world, unfortunately i know i can't have all of it. But this time, i really wish to have this. To get from someone is impossible (but i still hoping, heh3) thus i plan to have a lot of saving.

My salary is not much, but i still hope in next 3 0r 4 months i can buy it. Ough, that need a lot of sacrifice here.

Why i wish it so much? I don't have a good carrier, no boyfriend (almost), so I think this my gula2 jiwa. CANON Rebel XS, wait for me, ya!!!

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