Tuesday, January 11, 2011

moving to my new (rent) house

Last two days actually, we were moving to our new house. Very nice house, i love it actually but its still messy with our unmanaged stuff. We sign tenant agreement at (less or more) 7.00p.m and mop the floor and etc at 8.30p.m

Transfer our stuff then, it finish at 12.00a.m. I take a bath at 1.00a.m.

Introducing my new house

Tara tat tara....

Our house owner really loves that flowery...

Kiblat sign

before moping

Oh, we are not having our dinner yet actually. So tired and so hungry!! Having out late dinner at 1.30a.m.

WHAT?? 1.30a.m??? Not good to my diet, its ruin everything!!

What we ate? Hm...

Lets see...

1 large manggo juice, 1 large apple juice and watermellon juice (too big)
(i don't know how to rotate picture, i'll do that when i know, huhu)

Sweet like apple is me, sour like manggo is her (too greedy)

Kerabu mangga (not really good like mine)

Sweet sour beef (not really good like fish)

Puyuh goreng kunyit (i like it but a little bit oily)

Tom yum Ayam (too many onion)

rice (too...... ??)


Me (too fussy)

That too many for late dinner, we would not be able to finish it. Plus the our juice is too LARGE glass and i'm on diet.


Guess what, WE FINISH IT.....!!!!! That all dish has be eaten by three person only!! HoHoHo.. Till the last drop!!!

We take our time to go home becauso too full to walk.

At home!!!

Sleep~~ good enough to make me bigger!!

and i'm really sleepy at the office then

last but not least

My autograph....

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