Monday, December 26, 2011

13.12.11 ~ cofession

it's been a long times since my last update.

not because i have no idea, but i'm too busy with something i'm not sure. maybe more to stalk someone.

the story is on beautiful date, 13 12 11.... i have no intention on this date. It so suddenly being crazy.

I admit to that young boy i like him.

I was so nervous, that was my first time confess to a guy. and shame....

But he is good guy, i felt warm & comfort after that... such a release of a burden.

that night to a few days after, my eye being such easy to cry...

It so sad to know the truth that he is belong to others.

I'm okay now. But its not going to be easy to find a good guy like him & to forget him either.

Wish that we still can be a good friend.

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