Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who are you?

Today i guess is the lowest self esteem that i have. Why? Who am I? 24 years & 2 months i been alive still haven't discovered my self? Still haven't met Mr Right... Still haven't know what you should be. Still haven't know your path, still doesn't know who you are. What you like. What you doesn't like. Are you dare to speak out loud? Are you really know who you are right now? Are you satisfied?


To whom should i scream? To whom should i tell?

To Allah?

It still the same since i was cried to have someone to accompany me. To teach me how to get close to YOU...

Am i sound like i have no iman? Yes, i'm not strong... I just want something@someone to keep me up when i'm weak.

What is it, Allah??

Show me the path...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malaysia Open - Chong Wei Semi Final

Hari ni, tetiba lepas basuh baju dan tengah mandi. Housemate tetiba sawan nak pergi Stadium Putra tengok Chong Wei lawan untuk semi final.

Dengan tergopoh gapah (ada lebih kurang dari 1 jam untuk bersiap & makan tengahari), bersiap la ala2 selekeh. memang selekeh dan tak sempat pon sidai baju.

Perlawanan Chong Wei mula malam, sebenarnya tergopoh nak beli tiket. Nasib baik ada lagi.

Perlawanan Chong Wei awesome!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happiness comes from passion

Hari ni, boleh dikatakan sepanjang hari aku asyik tersengih. Something special came out? YES. haha

Last night i couldn't sleep because too much think of it. My boy that i admire message me for offering a DSLR camera. Yes, i have a simple negotiation with him. Early before, 1st Jan, Daus (black metal boy y alim) also offered me DSLR camera with interesting price (both of them know i love picturing n camera). And based on both offer, i more interested to Daus. And we had discussed on that.

POP!!! Agreed to sold to me. Wau, macam tak percaya. cepatnya. Tomorrow make a payment (i paid half) and in a week i will get the camera. Next month i will pay the balance. Sound so simple like you guys afraid of been cheated or not? Okay I believe to Daus la in this case.

Am I too early to share this? I think 'ya' but I couldn't stand. HEHEHE

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration of my passion

I'm not active blogger, and i start blogging in early 2009. Quite rare i'm post something. But i do love some bloggers. Its various type of interest.

In the end of 2010, I don't know why suddenly I love vintage dress. At some point I dream of become a dress tailor. Its crazy, I have degree in Business of Insurance.

I google picture of vintage dress, dream of wearing it.. sew it.. photograph it. various passion. From that, I found my favorite blogger. I had bookmark her page so i can just visit it anytime i like.

Its The Clothes Horse , host by beautiful Rebecca.

I really admire most of her dress, jacket, shoe, bag, her style and her photo. Its all complete of my passion. I guess she is so lucky. She travel almost around the world and being icon (she like celebrity).  I was like dreaming to be like her. I love every her shooting place, it is gorgeous!!

And, there has an agenda too. I was trying to improve my English (hehe). It is the fun way though, and i like it. 

So, that's all I wanna share today because I was thinking, why I'm back to actively blogging. I have my passion to share.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Showing feeling & thought

I was bored & lonely girl.

With nothing to do in weekend... and alone.

I think i should take a move to make my self happy, so draw something to show my emotion (even i got no talent).

So, this is it.... THE FRAY~

I love all of Fray song... and I'm feeling in love with Isaac Slade. (hehehe)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

07.01.2012 birthday mak


first post for 2012 (^_^)*

Today is my mom birthday, just text her (she must had sleep).

Hope we (mom's children) could make you happy to the end. I felt very lucky to have you in this world. You the only one who knows me better than others...

I know, i might not really good as a daughter.. but i really hope that you're not regret to gave birth of me. Hope your dreams come true and your strength will encourage me and give spirits to survive.

You are my unsung hero~

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