Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration of my passion

I'm not active blogger, and i start blogging in early 2009. Quite rare i'm post something. But i do love some bloggers. Its various type of interest.

In the end of 2010, I don't know why suddenly I love vintage dress. At some point I dream of become a dress tailor. Its crazy, I have degree in Business of Insurance.

I google picture of vintage dress, dream of wearing it.. sew it.. photograph it. various passion. From that, I found my favorite blogger. I had bookmark her page so i can just visit it anytime i like.

Its The Clothes Horse , host by beautiful Rebecca.

I really admire most of her dress, jacket, shoe, bag, her style and her photo. Its all complete of my passion. I guess she is so lucky. She travel almost around the world and being icon (she like celebrity).  I was like dreaming to be like her. I love every her shooting place, it is gorgeous!!

And, there has an agenda too. I was trying to improve my English (hehe). It is the fun way though, and i like it. 

So, that's all I wanna share today because I was thinking, why I'm back to actively blogging. I have my passion to share.

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