Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happiness comes from passion

Hari ni, boleh dikatakan sepanjang hari aku asyik tersengih. Something special came out? YES. haha

Last night i couldn't sleep because too much think of it. My boy that i admire message me for offering a DSLR camera. Yes, i have a simple negotiation with him. Early before, 1st Jan, Daus (black metal boy y alim) also offered me DSLR camera with interesting price (both of them know i love picturing n camera). And based on both offer, i more interested to Daus. And we had discussed on that.

POP!!! Agreed to sold to me. Wau, macam tak percaya. cepatnya. Tomorrow make a payment (i paid half) and in a week i will get the camera. Next month i will pay the balance. Sound so simple like you guys afraid of been cheated or not? Okay I believe to Daus la in this case.

Am I too early to share this? I think 'ya' but I couldn't stand. HEHEHE

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