Thursday, February 24, 2011

unemployed + lonely = DownDownDown

Today is the 15th days i have been unemployed. And my motivation is really-really down. Feeling lonely, left alone in house everyday... No one to talk... its driving me insane, totally... I dont know whether i could stand with this for how long.

There has one boy, i really attracted to him. He is younger than me. But i like him in the way he is. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend.. much better in all way than me. He can make me calm and smile... and support me to get a new job.

But recently, he looks like to ignored me. It make me sad, and if i could... i really want to tell him that i miss him so much. But... did he care??

I think, until next week still haven't get any job offer, i would like to travel... Back to Malacca, join Tunas Mekar... Never back home before i success. Pray for me.

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