Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i'm not superwoman

Am I looks like superwoman?? hehe.. I like blocking colour but i'm not aware of this superman shirt colour till i look at my photo back. Shame on me.

Long time i left this blog without new post. So, why not this time.


I fall in love. to a boy. that belong to other. younger than me. which i expect he might be a type of 'playboy'. just because i think he is adorable. which the one that i want. that i think he know. but i never tell. he look good with her. which kept me jealous. i want to cry. i remember him. almost all time. dear Allah, help me. to forget him. if he doesn't belong to me. tell me. that he such a good person. that i ever known. so i know. there is more man out there. are good. like him. which meant to be mine.

:) thanks to hear

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