Friday, March 20, 2009

have u ever felt...

have u ever felt so confuse about your felling or yourself attitudes or some kind like that?

seriously i fell some kind of that now... i think this is the situation where a girl (or woman maybe...) should get married... huahhuahhuah....

no la... i just confuse something... maybe the process to be matured (can be accepted what~which now i learn from super chulaya y matang...)

what a weird is, i hate somebody... i just don't know whether i felt like that because of i actually like (dot3) or really hate (dot3) or maybe jealousy... or whatever la.. then, i hate whoever close to (dot3)... i can't treat (dot3) frens like there was nothing... i don't know whether her(dot3 fren) realize the way i treat her or not

am i in love??

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