Saturday, January 10, 2009

hello... my name is Nurul Atiqah.
i'm 22 years old this year. i want to be matured as my age.
my hometown; Kedah....
actually, idon't want to further degree but my mother want to.
to her,education is very important. i know, my mother does't have a chance to study when she was child. my mother is eldest sister from three sibling. furthermore she is 'yatim piatu' when se was seven... she only has that chance up to year 6.
i want to totally transfer and hope everybody will cope with me and
i want to find new freinds....
well, i'm not happy with who i am before.
finally, i realize that not all people like me because of my weakness .
i will try harder to be a perfect person...
lastly, i will love the person that only love me.
i love my mom so much even if she does't love me anymore..

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